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Workshops at Yarning Hearts

Here at Yarning Hearts, we curate the best Fibre Craft Experience for you and your learning needs. Browse below to view the different workshops offerings.


1. Knitting Consultation Services & Crochet Consultation Services

 Knitting Consultation at Yarning Hearts 

From 11 Feb 2023, Yarning Hearts will be providing on-site knitting or crocheting consultation services at the store!

Want to learn knitting/crocheting at your own pace?
Have specific knitting/crocheting queries to ask someone?

Book a slot and have our staff coach you in your specific area of need. Starting from $25/hr, have someone guide you through your questions and have a peace of mind!

Hope to see you there! :)

2. Dorset Button Workshop

 Dorset Button Workshop

Date: 17 September 2023 (Sat)

Time: 2pm - 4pm


The Dorset Button is a specific type of button which was first made in the county of Dorset in the United Kingdom in the 17th century. They were originally made using the trimmed horns of sheep, which were cut into thin discs, around which threads and old fabric were wound. It has now become a British heritage craft but is very much alive today using contemporary materials for a variety of uses. 

The buttons are made by following 4 stages known as ‘casting’, ‘slicking’, ‘laying’ and ’rounding’.  They are very easy to make and the process is extremely therapeutic.  You can use curtain rings, key rings in plastic, metal or wood and cover them with embroidery thread, yarn or silks.  There are many possibilities for their use including being functional as a button on a garment or bag, jewellery or as a decoration.

In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn how to make 2 buttons - the traditional Dorset ‘Cartwheel’ Button and a pretty floral Dorset Button. The workshop fee includes all materials with extra to keep. 

3. Embroider Mending Workshop with Momshoo

Embroider Mending Workshop with Momshoo

Date: 22 October 2023

Time: 2 - 5pm

Cost: $70

Dive into the art of repairing your garments and other personal fabric articles!

Drawing inspirations from age-old textile-repair traditions like boroboro in Japan or Kantha in India (or the old-school thrifty habits of our grandparents!), the movement of visible mending is growing. 

In this workshop, we explore how to mend your textiles creatively with embroidery techniques. A variety of methods will be introduced to cover up holes/stains and prevent tears from getting bigger.

A beautiful mend can give new life to a piece or simply stitch a functional mend to extend the lifespan of your favourite pieces, think of that piece that keeps getting holes due to so much wear and love. Beyond mending, the techniques are also good ways to refresh tired fabric pieces.

Participants will go home with a mending sampler and can also bring their personal items for discussion on tips for mending. All materials and sewing tools will be provided during the session.

What you will learn:

  • Various mending methods including: patching and darning
  • Hand-embroidery stitches for creative mending: running stitch, whip stitch, blanket stitch, woven stitch


4. Beginner Bobbin Lace Workshop (LAST CLASS EVER in SINGAPORE)

Beginner Bobbin Lace Workshop (LAST DAY EVER!)

Dates: 18 June 2023

Time: 2 - 4 pm


Understand the basics of how to make lace. Learn a basic stitch to make a 'Torchon Ground' lace bookmark.  Handmade bobbin lace, which has been around since the 16th century, is a type of off-loom weaving created on a “lace pillow” with threads wound on bobbins. Though it might look complicated, all bobbin lace is made with a few repetitive moves, using only four bobbins at a time. Learn the basics of bobbin lacemaking, from winding the bobbins to making four small lace projects, in this introductory class. Coloured threads are used to make it easier to see what is happening. 

The cost of the workshop is $120 including all materials with the option of purchasing your own lace making starter kit at an additional cost of $90.

4. Intermediate Bobbin Lace Workshop

Intermediate Bobbin Lace Workshop with Suzanna Thompson

Dates: 3 sessions in October 2023 (pls enquire)

Time: 7 - 9pm


Learn the heritage craft of bobbin lace making.  Traditional handmade lace was fashionable from the 16th century particularly in Europe.  Lace is made by braiding and twisting lengths of thread which have been wound onto ‘bobbins’.  The different ways of weaving the bobbins can create a plethora of delicate patterns in a range of colours.

Previously named Advanced Bobbin Lace Workshop, in a series of three 2-hour intermediate workshops you will:

  • learn how to wind bobbins
  • understand prickings, pillows and threads
  • learn about ‘spangled’ bobbins
  • learn 2 more basic stitches
  • learn how to add beads
  • make a lace picture or frame

The cost of the workshop is $250. If you do not have your own equipment, a kit can be bought for $90 which will included 12 pairs of bobbins. Additional bobbins can be bought for $4 per pair. Alternatively, you can rent the kit and extra bobbins for a refundable deposit of $75. Rental of bobbins alone is a refundable deposit of $3.00 per pair.



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