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Muud Trondheim
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Muud Trondheim
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Muud Trondheim
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Muud Trondheim

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Premium Leather Case for Knitting Needles


Keep your precious knitting needles and accessories neatly organised with the premium Trondheim leather case from muud.


Whether you’re a long-time knitter or just getting started, you know that making something from scratch is truly special. With the right accessories you can bring your precious projects on the go – making sure you’re ready to start knitting whenever you feel like it. That’s the idea behind the Trondheim leather case. The neatly designed zip-up case features pockets with snap fastening and compartments to keep your knitting needles and small accessories neatly organised. It’s slimline design slides easily into your bag and is perfect for on-the-go adventures.


The beautiful and roomy case is made by premium handcrafted leather – a craft rooted in experience and precision. The leather is durable and will age with beauty.



Made from genuine leather

Open pockets for storing accessories

Two smaller pockets with snap fastening

Zipper closure



Height: 25 cm

Width (top): 16 cm

Width (bottom): 22 cm

Shell: Leather

Lining: Polydrill with a smooth surface to ensure easy maintenance


Care Instructions

Use muud Care & Clean to maintain the leather of your muud case.

Spray muud Care & Clean onto a clean sponge and rub to create a foam. Even though neither the sponge nor the foam appears dirty, muud Care & Clean deep cleans the leather and removes dirt and sweat from the skin.


Leather is a natural material, and its appearance may therefore vary from product to product.

The actual product colour may also vary from the visual representation on this website.