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Treasury of Knitted Patterns

Sometimes you fall in love with a ball of yarn upon seeing and touching it, and you feel like you just have to purchase it and craft with it. However, you may not yet have a pattern in mind or may not even know where to start looking for one! 

Fret not!

Below are some recommended free patterns from our suppliers and designers matched to the yarn of your love that I have consolidated for your ease of reference. Over time, I'll also be adding on new patterns to this page as they are created so it'll be good to bookmark this page to stay up-to-date. All suggestions are also welcomed so let me know if you've tried a pattern that works with any of the yarn that I retail.

Enjoy crafting! :)


ITO Kinu

1. Kinu Triangular Shawl Kinu Triangular Shawl

ITO Rakuda

1. ITO Mitaka ScarfMitaka Scarf

ITO Gima 8.5

1. Wabi Sabi Potholder

2. Beppu Top

 ITO Tategami

1. Shibafu Cushion Cover

ITO Wagami

1. Beppu Top 


1. ITO for Beginners (Women)

2. ITO for Beginners (Men)

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