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Lyrical Threads 2024

Lyrical Threads 2023
This is our second year organising Lyrical Threads and we are making it more hands on this year round!
For those who do not already know, Lyrical Threads is a platform to facilitate the expression of our personal thoughts and feelings in a beautiful way - be in through crafts, words or our own life.
Each session of Lyrical Threads will feature a speaker who will share of their journey and experience in a particular area of craft, product or life experience. We hope that through their sharing, you too may be inspired to learn a new craft or embark on a new adventure in life.
There will also be time at Lyrical Threads to work on your own craft project and mingle with new and familiar faces.

What to Expect?

21 July 2024, 3pm - 5pm

Ever wondered about natural dyeing but felt a little lost? Join us for a friendly intro session! Autumn will clear up some common myths and misconceptions, and get our hands dirty with simple stitched shibori and dyeing your own fabric swatch.

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4 August 2024, 2pm - 5pm

Join a special sharing session with Eileen from Miss Petal & Bloom! If you’re interested in getting a craft book published, Eileen will be sharing her publishing journey - starting from how she got a book deal with a UK publisher, to the final stages of marketing a book. There’ll also be a short hands-on session to learn some simple flower-making techniques and to make cherry blossoms! Each participant will receive a small kit that makes a small cherry blossom branch.

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Past Lyrical Threads 2024 Sessions

Lyrical Threads Session 3

5 May 2024, 2pm - 5pm

Find out why Ros started out on her daily word journal on Instagram, what inspires her words and phrases of the day, and the accompanying illustrations. Find out more too about her imaginary friend, Lily, who play a significant role in her illustration journey and about her love for intricate fine line illustrations and repeat motifs. There will also be a hands-on segment where you get to explore a little bit about Chinese Calligraphy, especially in preparation for the upcoming Mother's Day!

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