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Knitting & Crochet Consultation Services

Have knitting/crocheting queries or want to learn knitting/crocheting at your own pace?

Make an appointment and drop in for a consultation with the staff at Yarning Hearts**

**Consultation is capped at two pax. Consultation is dependent on available knowledge of staff. In the event a staff is not able to provide the consultation, it will be made known to the client.

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Lyrical Threads 2023

Lyrical Threads is a platform to facilitate the expression of our personal thoughts and feelings in a beautiful way - be in through crafts, words or our own life. Each session of Lyrical Threads will feature a speaker who will share of their journey and experience in a particular area of craft, product or life experience. We hope that through their sharing, you too may be inspired to learn a new craft or embark on a new adventure in life. A bulk of the time at Lyrical Threads will be spent working on your own craft project and mingling with new and familiar faces.

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Crafting Naturally

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Featured Workshops

Here at Yarning Hearts, we curate the best Fibre Craft Experience for you and your learning needs. Browse below to view the different workshops offerings.

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Paint with Lait Hepines

27 January 2024
2pm - 4pm

Watercolour can either free you or stress you. The “art” of letting go, letting the watercolour mix on its own can be therapeutic. Unlike other types of paint, watercolour tend to turn out slightly different from what we expect due to its nature. If you wish to take up a new hobby this year or have been wanting to try watercolour but still skeptical, this is a good sign for you to start! In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn the different brush strokes and the techniques of using watercolour. Colour pencil is also part of the wildflower art that we’ll be exploring. The workshop fee includes all materials with extra to keep. We’ll learn and have fun together so don’t hesitate!

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Embroidery Mending with Momshoo (Coming Soon!)

Dive into the art of repairing your garments and other personal fabric articles!

Drawing inspirations from age-old textile-repair traditions like boroboro in Japan or Kantha in India (or the old-school thrifty habits of our grandparents!), the movement of visible mending is growing. 

In this workshop, we explore how to mend your textiles creatively with embroidery techniques. A variety of methods will be introduced to cover up holes/stains and prevent tears from getting bigger.

Participants will go home with a mending sampler and can also bring their personal items for discussion on tips for mending. All materials and sewinsg tools will be provided during the session.

Knitting & Crochet Consultation

Want to learn knitting or crochet at your own pace?

Have specific knitting or crochet queries to ask someone?

Book a slot and have our staff coach you in your specific area of need.

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Resources & Thoughts

Crafting Naturally...

"In a ball of yarn is the potential to make a dream that you have come true." - Melanie Falick

Making Purposefully...

"At first glance, it may appear too hard. Look again. Always look again..."

Inspire beautifully...

"Create what makes your heart dance and your soul sing."

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