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Isager Knit Patterns - Nikko Top by Marianne Isager

Isager Knit Patterns - Nikko Top by Marianne Isager

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NIKKO is worked from the bottom up. First two triangles are knitted that make up bottom and sides. They are worked separately. They have increases both in the middle and at both sides, so they make up sides and bottom of blouse.
Please note, though, that the triangles are almost equilateral, and that height added to the triangles will also make them wider (give a larger chest width.)
Work on a circular needle as this makes it easy to measure both length and width.
After completing the two side pieces/triangles these are joined on a circular needle, and now all stitches are worked in a zigzag pattern where decreases are worked at the bottom (centre front and centre back) and increases are worked at the two tops (side seams.)
When the desired height has been reached, again divide work but this time at the top of the two sides, where increases will be made to form small sleeves.
Work the other side/the other half the same.
After finishing the sleeves again work in the round on the circular needle and now decrease at each ’corner’ until neck opening has desired size. End with a garter stitch neck edge, before casting off.


100 (150) g Isager Bomulin
150 (200) g Isager Palet
Shown in Isager Bomulin col 60 and Isager Palet col Autumn

Half chest width: 50 (60) cm
Length: 52 (57) cm


3 mm