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[59463] Seeknit Premium Set 2 12.5cm(5″), 11 sizes [Koshitsu]

[59463] Seeknit Premium Set 2 12.5cm(5″), 11 sizes [Koshitsu]

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“Koshitsu” is a product that has achieved a smoother surface and longer lasting durability through “high temperature and high pressure treatment” and “impregnation of natural plant wax” developed by our company based on our vast experience over 100 years of history. It is characterized by the apparent density of the needles, the glossy surface, and the slippery feel. And above all, it is our original lineup that no other company offers.

Seeknit Koshitsu Premium Set 2 for the interchangeable circular bamboo needle is a new product.
This new product is an improved version of the existing Premium Set and it's great over the previous products.

Product Feature Points
- The width of the pocket for storing cords and accessories has been widened to make it easier to insert cords and accessories.
- By adding cord joints to the set, you can make cords of various lengths to expand the range of works you can knit.
- The 100% unbleached cotton campus is environmentally friendly.
- The position of the band clasp has been changed to make it easier to use.

Koshitsu Needle Length 5" / 12.5 cm, 11 sizes
Size M1.8: 2.50 mm, 2.75 mm, 3.00 mm, 3.25 mm
Size M2: 3.50 mm, 3.75 mm, 4.00 mm, 4.50 mm, 5.00 mm
Size M4: 5.50 mm, 6.00 mm

Cord Length :
Size M1.8 : 14 inch / 35 cm, 22 inch / 55 cm, 29.5' / 75 cm
Size M2 : 14 inch / 35 cm, 22 inch / 55 cm, 29.5' / 75 cm
Size M4 : 14 inch / 35 cm, 22 inch / 55 cm, 29.5' / 75 cm

Cord Joint
M1.8: 1 pcs
M2: 1 pcs
M4: 1 pcs

Cord Stoppers
M1.8: 2 pcs
M2: 2 pcs
M4: 2 pcs

This item will be delivered in simple packaging and not packed in a paper box.

After going through Kinki Amibari's unique high temperature and pressure treatment, Koshitsu needles are carefully polished with natural plant wax. This special treatment gives the bamboo extra durability and helps prevent damage from outside environmental influences. Moreover, it has the effect of preventing the needles from warping. The surface treatment makes a comfortable and smooth movement of threads ad warm touch.

KA has been manufacturing knitting needles of selected Japanese bamboo since 1916 in Japan.
We only use carefully selected Moso bamboo and madake bamboo is grown in Japan.
Bamboo that grows in Japan is especially hard and resilient, reinforced by strong and durable fibers.

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